I am currently writing a book about medieval gardens that will include information and pictures that are not generally known. At the time of writing, the working title is, Gardens in the Age of Chivalry, which is based on my talk about medieval gardens.

I recently wrote an article, ‘Beautiful but Deadly’, about poisonous plants for Bloom magazine.

I have written a book based on my most popular talk, Death in the Garden, with stories of Magic, Myths, Murder and Passion.

Over the centuries poisonous plants have been used to remove an unwanted partner or rival, as aphrodisiacs, for pest control and the means to foretell the future or speak with the gods.

Be warned, many of these plants may well be growing in your garden.

My book is available through most major retailers, or direct fromthe publisher. Although it says hardback,the book does not have a traditional hardback cover.

RHS review of my book, Death in the Garden

I have also written a small booklet as a guide to the Pontefract Castle Herb Garden. This book is only available from Pontefract Castle.

The cover of the Potefract Castle guide