I am currently writing a book about medieval gardens, Gardens in the Age of Chivalry which will be published by White Owl Books. The book is intended for the general reader but contains a lot of new information and pictures.

My first book was,

Death in the Garden, published by White Owl Books.

Over the centuries poisonous plants have been used to remove an unwanted partner or rival, as aphrodisiacs, for pest control and the means to foretell the future or speak with the gods.

Learn about the mysterious mandrake and how a pot of Basil helped to conceal a savage murder, until…

Be warned, many of these plants may well be growing in your garden.

Death in the Garden is available to buy from most book sellers and some garden sites, such as the Chelsea Physic Garden.

I wrote a small guide to the herbs grwon in the garden at Pontefract castle.

This is only available to buy from Prontefract Castle.

I wrote an article about poisonous plants for Bloom Magazine. It appeared in the September 2020 edition.